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As SPSS Analysis, our main goal is to reach accurate, valid and usable information by applying statistical science correctly. For this purpose, we serve the scientific world and the business world in order to collect data with the right tools, from the right source, with the right method, to analyze it in accordance with scientific principles and to report it in the most understandable way.

In accordance with the purpose of the project, we are preparing the questionnaire, determining the number of samples, forming hypotheses and managing the data collection process.

We provide data collection and data compilation support within the scope of the project. After this process, we ensure that the data is ready for analysis by performing data cleaning, extreme value analysis, and normality tests before analysis.

We perform statistical analyzes by applying tests suitable for the purpose and hypotheses of the study.

We prepare the results of the analysis in the form of reports consisting of tables, graphics and comments. We report the tables by editing them in APA format.

As Spss Analysis, we have been with the scientific world and business world since 2010.

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